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Classic Formula Ford


Close Racing within a friendly club atmosphere for Pre 1982 FF1600 Cars

Class A Eligible Cars if built prior to 1st January 1982:

Agent DR1, DR2

Arrow 76F

ASD 002, 003, 007, 008, FF78

BEF Priamos II

Crossle 25F, 30F, 32F, 35F, 40F, 45F

Dastle 16B, GNF81

Dulon MP17, MP19, MP21

Elden Mk12, PH17, Mk25, F16-79/80

Ferret Mk4

Getern GDB 77/8, MD80

Halliday JF1

Hawke DL12, DL15, DL16, DL17, DL19, DL20, Mk21

Hermes 16-79, 16-80

Image FF2, FF3, FF4, FF5

Jamun T3B/C, T5, T7, T8, T10, T11

Javelin JL2, JL5

Jomo JMR7

Lago FF80

Lanan 1601, 1602 LCR P12

Lola T340, T342, T440, T540, T540E

Mallock U2 Mk14, U2 Mk 22

Martlett DM1, DM2, DM3, DM4, DM5, DM6

Merlyn Mk25, Mk29, Mk30, Mk31

MRE FF74, FF75

Nike Mk 10C

Nomad KHF/2, GC77, FF78, FF79, CCRS80, CCRS81

Pacer FF80, FF81 PRS RH01, RH02, 81F

Raven RE002

Ray 74F, 75F, 76F, 79F, 80F, 81F Reynard 74FF, 75FF, 76FF, 77F, 78F

Rostron CT77, CT78, CT79

Royale RP21, RP24, RP26, RP29

Saracen 78F, 79F, 80F

Sark 1, 2

Sparton FF79, FF80, FF81

Star 78F

Supernova 75

Swift DM2, DM3

Tiga FF76, FF77, FF78, FF79, FF80

Titan Mk 9, Mk 9a, Mk 9b

Touraco 77

Ulrich N1

Van Diemen RF74, RF75, RF76, RF77, RF78, RF79, RF80, RF81

Wimhurst FF76

Zeus ZR1, ZR2

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