I am a Newcomer to Motor Racing where do I start ?


If you are new to Motor Racing then you will need to obtain a National B Race Licence from the RAC. Visit the 'Go Motorsport' WebSite (see link opposite) for full details.


The Classic FF1600 Register offers a great deal of support to new Drivers approaching their first season of Classic FF1600. We will be happy to offer advice at any stage and you will be looked after at your first few race meetings.


We will ensure you and your car are in the right place at the right time !!

I Have a Racing Licence - what other Paperwork is required ?

Purchasing a Classic FF1600 Car.


We have a 'Cars for Sale' Coordinator - Dave Malpas who keeps track of the current market in Pre 1982 FF1600 cars and he will be happy to help. Note that cars built prior to 1972 are also eligible for the HSCC Historic FF1600 championship.


All Historic/Classic FF1600 cars are also eligible to race in the end of season races at the Formula Ford Festival and the Walter Hayes Trophy as well as all other Kent Engined FF1600 series (HSCC excepted).


See the 'For Sale' link above for a list of cars currently available and check out our 'Technical' pages for information on the oily bits !


Transporting your Classic FF1600


The vast majority of our Members tow their own car to the circuits.


The Monoposto Racing Club offer a great deal of excellent advice on towing race cars on their website - click on the photos opposite to see this information.


Please return this form to:


Marion Saunders


3 The Street




SG11 2QS

Classic Formula Ford


Close Racing within a friendly club atmosphere for Pre 1982 FF1600 Cars